Evening all, hope you can help.

I've had my 225 roughly 4 months now and I'm looking to start doing some bits to it. I've been trawling eBay and primarily just after some feedback on some parts I've been looking into...

Currently the cars been mapped with a Pipercross cone filter by the previous owner ([email protected] in Somerset) and was claimed to be 260bhp, apart from that it's completely standard.
When I came to rolling road the car the figures were only 235bhp / 250lb/ft torque, the operator said that it could be the recirc valve that's weak so I'm looking to change that for a forge part.

If you guys can give me feedback on whether these parts below are worthwhile it would be much appreciated...

Forge Alloy Boost Pipe Kit
Forge brake vacuum and pressure sensor clamps (know K-Tec have their own set also)
Silicon intake hose kit

The game plan is to eventually have 280/280 as that's all I'd really want from the car and to not lunch the engine in process, what else would I need to achieve this? Where does the standard turbo/exhaust limit the power?

Any help would be much appreciated.