We are attending Sports Cars in the Park again this year. We had a great turn out of 20+ Renault's last years from R5 GT Turbo's to R.S. Megane 275 Nav. So would be nice to have more of you on board and make an epic gathering of Renault's and Renaultsport cars.

Photos from last years event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gazera...57668187071685

If you are interested in going along please follow the instructions below to book your place.

Sports cars in the park - Spring meeting at Newby Hall - Usual mixture of sports and interesting motors from any year.

If you want to support the event then contact [email protected] Official adverts are posted through me only

Display cars must have a discount ticket from www.sportscarsinthepark.co.uk.

Ticket office closes 6th May 23:00. This ticket covers entrance to Newby Hall Grounds and parking with SCITP. If you dont have a display car then Normal Newby Hall entrance rates apply. Check there website for details.

Most display cars will be there around dinner time. Dependant on the weather people start drifting off about 2:00 onwards. So if you arrive late dont expect all the cars to be there. For support questions email [email protected]