my car is a fluence GT that has the tce180 engine.
the problem started when the check engine light appeared when riding the car and the rpm went over 3k. it didnt matter if the engine was cold or warm, the light flashed and heard pops if the rpm went up. i added an injector cleaner and the lights wont come up when the engine is warm after it and using premium fuel. now it only happens in the first morning start. i took to the mechanic and there was a p0302 code and they said it was the fuel injectors. they checked and placed in to the machine, and one of the 4 injectors, the machine could not clean and then i bought one new injector and they installed it to the first cylinder. now the check engine light keeps showing and flashing on first cold start in the morning. before i changed the injector the light would go away after 1 minute flashing, now with the new injector installed, the light keeps flashing until i shutdown and start the engine again. the scanner is pointing to the same cylinder the new injector is installed. the renault garage, here where i live scheduled me to next week. could it be carbonized cylinder, valves the cause??