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    Thread: Hello again, from a old returning member

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      Default Hello again, from a old returning member

      Good morning all!

      So as the title states, I’m a returning member from back in 2012, I can’t remember my old users name (age unfortunately but it would have been something on the lines of a variation of my name and R26?), now I would have just used the ‘forgot password’ route, if the old email address I used to register is also inactive 🏻, sooo I’ve decided to just re register!

      Sooo a brief history to the R26 I’ve got——

      Back in 2010/11 I picked up a super low mileage,11k on the clock LY r26, instantly fell in love with the car as at the time it was my first ‘proper hot hatch’!

      I went down the route of KTec stage1 In early 2012, a month or so into my ownership as I had a clear ‘build plan’ to what I wanted to do with the car , (which I do regret doing now), and it was whilst I was at KTec I met a fellow getting some work done, he had a UB r26, can’t remember his name (I know I should really go see a specialist about my bad memory) who advised that I should join the forum, soo some 6hrs driving home later (at the time I lived in pickering, North Yorkshire), and i joined the club as a paid up member, got the sticker and went to one or two events, I think the last being a car show at donington park?.

      Then the inevitable happened—I bought a house, moved out and had the choice of either selling my beloved megane, orrr storing it as the new house only had street parking and I needed my everyday work horse, my builder van, outside the front door—mainly for security, so the Meg went into hibernation with only 25k on her at my parents farm, only waking up once a year for not time (when I remembered), or the odd local track day.

      Well skip forward a few years, a few different vans when they kept dying, and a few motorbikes later to 2020 and it’s finally coming back out of its 6-7year slumber 😬, still with only 26k on her, and now a huge to do list just to get it back to being ‘road worthy’ 😩, but that’s the way it goes when you half neglect your pride and joy—but happily I’m in a better financial, and a house with a long enough drive/parking situation for allll the cars haha!

      Sooo the future plans for the megane are as follows really—

      *Take it Paul and get a proper/safe/reliable stage1 map!
      *remove the rear gubbins for that 35/40kg weight savings!
      *cooksport springs, to sort out the look of it.
      *a forge front mount, because the oem is poor as we all know.
      *a GT performance rear ‘box’, basically the rear box deleted just for a little more noise without sacrificing that lovely churppp that I fell In love with.
      * new tires!, not sure what yet but I intend to track the car a lot more than use on the toad so advice would be great.
      *Take it to MRS to get looked over, belt and kit done finally
      *general check over, oils and fluids changed.
      *upgrade pads to something decent with a quick warm up time, like a ds3000 so it can be used on the road if I wanted
      *a r26r bonnet (for the only reason that I always wanted one so why not!) hoping that we still have a helpful member that works their that can point me in the direction of one of these from RUk.
      *rear cage, harness and probably a rear strut and net set up.

      And that’s all I have planned for the first round of bringing her back to life as it were!,

      Some might think is a sacrilege to take apart a low mileage example, but I’m not going to sell it so I might aswell turn it into the car I want it to be!

      So this is me, just saying hello once again!


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      Hey Rob, i think i remember you from back then in this forum.
      i am returning after many years of not logging into this forum as well. Although I have been paying membership every year.

      Returned to find that this forum is sooooo much less active now. and I get a message that says my membership has expired??
      Dropped the site admins a message but I get the feeling that many things have changed or become inactive since.

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