Well what can i say. its fantastic. haven't had chance really to give it death as the roads are greasy and wet, but its a very good package. I've been waiting for this car all year and haven't been disappointed.

The sound of the engine is fantastic. especially if you find the special bit on the side of the air box

being a brand spanker the engine is tight, but i can tell when its got some miles on it, it'll be rev happy. chassis is good (cup chassis) and you can throw it around loads. i'd say 1*2 drivers beware!! it carries so much corner speed.

the colour i drove was Mirage Grey. i was a bit apprehensive about this colour when i saw the pics but it looks amazing in the flesh, a real head turner.

when ive got a bit more cash together i'll be adding one to my collection as a daily driver as i dont want to put too many miles on the Glacier.

the interior colour is miles better than the standard twingos and is a much better place to be in.

WELL DONE RENAULT!!! i haven't stopped smiling!!

pics to follow