Renault World Series ..... 2011 -
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    Thread: Renault World Series ..... 2011

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      Mar 2006
      west midlands


      I was going to get the collectors pass this week at least now it has saved me £10

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      Jun 2010
      Megane RS250


      Just booked a slot to drive 6 laps of Silverstone in a 250 cup on the Saturday.

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      Mar 2008


      Anyone got there collectors passes off Renault Alpine Owners Club ?

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      Jul 2011
      megane 225 and clio 182


      just ordered our 4 thanks for the tip off!!! :-)

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      Jun 2007
      Renault Alpine


      Infield parking list. Please check. If you are not on this list you will not get a pass.

      ALLAN John Avantime
      ARIANE Naithan Megane 225
      ARKLE Jeffrey Clio RS 200
      ASHTON Chris RF AX
      BACON Nick Clio 197
      BAILEY Malcom 18
      BARLOW Matthew Clio 197 R27
      BARTLEY Peter RF AX
      BARTLEY Peter RF KZ
      BAVINGTON Darren Clio 200
      BELL Peter 12 TL
      BERRY Dominik Meguiar's Display Van
      BEST Simon Clio V6 230
      BHATTI Surjit Megane RS250
      BISHOP Peter 5 GT Turbo
      BLACKBORROW Dave Renault Wind
      BLACKWELL Sophie ??
      BOND Andy 5 GT Turbo
      BRADY John A110
      BREWER Emma Clio 182 Trophy
      BRYAN John Megane 225
      BRYANT Mathew Twingo RS 133
      BYATT Simon 5 GT Turbo
      CHAMBERS Carl Clio 197 R27 F1
      CHAMBERS Mervyn Twingo Gordini
      CHAPMAN Simon 19 16V
      CHERRY Jonathan Clio V6 230
      CHURCH Bob Megane 225
      CLAXTON Bob 21T Europa Cup
      COLES Andrew GTA Atmo
      COLLINS Des A110
      CONVERY Andrew Clio 172 Cup
      COUCH Dawn Clio V6 255
      COWLEY Paul Venturi 260
      CRAWLEY Lee GTA Turbo
      CROUCH David RF KJ1
      CROWSTON Lee ??
      CRUMP Russell 5 GT Turbo
      CUNNINGHAM David 4 GTL
      CUNNINGHAM Megane R26
      CUNNINGHAM Stephen Megane R26
      CURLEY Liam Clio 182
      DAVIES Trevor 5 Turbo 2
      DAYTON Jon RF AH
      DAYTON Jon RF CC Tourer
      DELAHOY Stuart 4
      DELL Stephen A610
      DELL Stephen Trafic
      DODSWORTH Nigel Clio Gordini
      DODSWORTH Nigel Clio Williams 1
      DOLMAN Bob GTA Atmo
      DOW Mark PFC Magazine
      DRAKE Robert 4 GTL
      DUNDAS Brett Clio V6 230
      EASTMEAD Richard RF BH
      ELLIOT Michael Laguna Coupe
      ENION Simon A610
      FAIRBAIRN Barrie Twingo 133
      FITZSIMONS Pat A610
      FOBELETS Wayne Clio V6 255
      FOLLY John A610
      FORD Jason 19 16V
      FORDHAM Paul Clio 197
      FOWLES Robert Avantime
      FRANCE Simon Megane 225
      FROST Graham Avantime
      GAMBLEN Simon GTA
      GIBBENS Paul 5 GT Turbo
      GIBBS Mark Megane R26
      GILFILLAN Alex Clio 182
      GOACHER Max 17 Gordini
      GOACHER Lee 17 TS
      GOODE Michael Clio 172
      GORDON Derek GTA Turbo
      GREENHOUSE Adam Clio 182
      GUY David Clio 172
      GUY David Clio 172
      HALLET Gary Megane 225 F1
      HALLWORTH Roy 5 GT Turbo
      HARDING Leon Clio 172
      HARDY Andrew Clio Williams 1
      HARPHAM Paul Clio 200 Cup
      HARRIS Laura Clio 182 Cup
      HARRISON Chris Clio 172
      HASLEHURST Matthew Megane 225
      HAYWARD James Clio V6 255
      HILLYAR Richard 21 Turbo
      HODSON David Megane R26
      HOLLAND Milton A610
      HOLMAN Timothy Clio 182 Trophy
      HOLMES Michael RF AX
      HONEYWILL Matt Twingo 133 Cup
      HORDELL Andrew Megane 225 F1
      HOWE-DAVIES Andrew RF VB1
      HOWES Julian 5 GT Turbo
      INSLEY Paul Clio 182 Trophy
      JACKSON Graham 12 Gordini
      JAYES Barry A610
      JONES Nigel Megane RS250
      KEEN Jonathan Avantime
      KEMSLEY Sally RF L
      KEMSLEY John RF VB1
      KETTLE Nicholas 5 GT Turbo Cab
      LAW Tony GTA Le Mans
      LEWIS Andrew 4
      LEWIS Andrew 4 Van
      LILLINGTON Mark A610
      LOK Kevin Megane 225
      LOMAX Iain 5 GT Turbo
      LOUIES Antony 17 TS
      LYNCH Adrian Clio 197 R27
      LYNN Paul Spider
      MACDONALD Ian RF OS (Truck)
      MALMATENIOS Michael RF CC Tourer
      MALMATENIOS John George RF EE
      MARMOY Kristopher 5 GT Turbo Cup
      MARTIN Dean 5 GT Turbo
      MASLIN Peter Clio RS 200
      MATTHEWS Scott 5 GT Turbo
      MATTHEWS Scott Renault 5 GT Turbo
      MAUTNER Tom A610
      McCOOLE Patrick RF AX
      McCOOLE Patrick RF I I
      McGILL James Clio 172
      McKEE Robert A310
      McKNIGHT Paul GTA Turbo
      METTERS Lee A610
      MILES Dave GTA Turbo
      MILLET John A610
      MILLS Pamela RF EK
      MILLS Ronald RF IM
      MITCHELL George 20 TX
      MITCHELL Andy 30 TX
      MOSS Paul Clio 182 Trophy
      MOULDER Phil Megane F1 230
      MURR Steve Clio 200
      NAYLOR Jason 5 Turbo 2
      NICHOLSON Mary RF NN Tourer
      NYLAND Nicola Megane R26
      PACK Matthew Clio 197 R27 F1
      PEARSON Alan 18 American
      PENGELLY Brian A110
      PENRY Tony RF AX
      PIGEON Lorraine 8
      POLDEN Les / Steven RF AX
      POLDEN Les RF Celtaquatre
      POTTER Carrie Twingo RS 133 Cup
      PUNTER Ian A610
      RAMSDEN Ray Clio V6 255
      RASSELL Mark Clio RS 200
      RAWLINGS Graham Clio V6 230
      RENAULT UK 21 Symphony
      RENAULT UK 4 L
      RENAULT UK 4 Plein air
      RENAULT UK 5 TX Manual
      RENAULT UK 5 Zandra Rhodes
      RENAULT UK 8 1100
      RENAULT UK Clio 182 Trophy
      RENAULT UK Clio V6 255
      RENAULT UK Clio V6 255
      RENAULT UK Clio Williams
      RENAULT UK Megane R26R
      RENAULT UK Spider
      ROBERTSON Karl Twingo RS 133
      RUDD Carl Twingo RS 133 Cup
      SAGE Paul A610
      SAGE Cynthia A610
      SALAMA Joe A610
      SASIN Jeff Clio V6 255
      SASIN Jeff Master
      SCARLETT David Clio V6 255
      SEARLE Matthew Clio 172
      SEYMOUR James Clio 197
      SHEADER Martin 5 Turbo 2
      SISLEY Brian Clio RS 200
      SMITH Mark Clio 172
      SMITH Tony Clio 182
      SNAPE David Clio 200 Cup
      SOMERTON Daniel Clio
      SPEIGHT Clive GTA Atmo
      STACEY Dan RF AX
      STACEY Monica RF MT
      STEVENS Peter Laguna Coupe
      STEWART John Megane R26
      SWEET John GTA Le Mans
      TAYLOR Robert A310 V6
      THOMAS Miles Spider
      THOMSON Steven 5 GT Turbo
      TUBBY Roy RF BZ
      TURNER Jason Megane Coupe 16V
      VENERIO Filippo A610
      VENN Stephen Twingo RS 133
      VICK Davina Clio 182
      WALDING Martin GTA Atmo
      WALSH Richard GTA Turbo Europa
      WALTER Adrian Clio 197 R27 F1
      WALTON David Clio 197 R27
      WALTON Frank RF AX
      WARREN John Clio RS 200 Cup
      WASSELL Grant Megane 225 Cup
      WENDEN Ray A610
      WHITEHOUSE Peter A610
      WICKS Mark Clio V6 255
      WILLIAMS Shaun Clio V6 255
      WILLIAMS Nathan Clio V6 Trophy
      WILLIAMS Darren Clio Williams
      WILSON James RF AX
      WOOD David Clio V6 230
      WORSLEY Alasdair 4CV Sport
      WORSLEY James RF AX
      WORSLEY Alasdair RF C
      WRIGHT Steve Clio Williams

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      Feb 2010
      newbury berks
      RS250 cup


      Whats the best time to get to silverstone?

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