Hello 225 pundits. I'm after some information on a 225 that I own. She's a 54 plate and on the log book registered as a 225 sport however something is a miss... I've owned her for the past couple of years and was told when I bought it that it had the uprated turbo on it (if there is such a thing). The garage that sold me it obviously didn't have a clue as they gave me 5k for a seat Toledo. Anyhows, my other half does the service and maintainance for me. We got suspicious when I came to order disc and breaks and had to send 3 sets back until in the end they give me the F1 sizes. Then I had to have the track rod changed and mine wad 20mm to short. Grrrr... Now I'm having the clutch changed and can I bigger find the parts. Enquiries tell me that this car was not brought in by Renault motorsport UK. We have been on the phone to them and they tell me that the engine number is that of an F1. Early model made in France. I have been on the phone to harliquin racing to supply me a clutch as I want to get this one right first time. She is also in the hands of a former race mechanic so no errors. Both have told me that this car has been hand built and is most definitely an F1. Just wondered if anyone has another like this? How many were hand built? Well pretty much anything you guys can tell me about them really. Thanks in advance. Rachel