FAO of those with FCS VIP Issues.

Ive attended the FCS since 2005 and since then have organised Meganesport.net stand.

Each year our attendance figures have increased, as we've moved to different venues around the midlands. The last couple of years we have joined forces with Clio197 and twingo133 to create a super Renaultsport stand.

By doing this gains support from Renault UK. Those that attended this year would have noticed a lot more Renault display cars, including some from the historic range as well as the rally team. There was also free Renaultsport track rides. These all come at a cost to Renault UK, when at a time the motor industry is still recovering from the difficulties a few years back. Renault pumping cash into an event when they are making hundreds of job losses could be scrutinised.

2 years ago I thought about arranging a VIP area for folks coming along, and historically these have gone down well. Im hoping those that have attended previous years will agree. This comes at a price for me, as unlike everyone else, I'm stuck on the stand all day and don't get to enjoy the event myself.

I want to put some things into perspective.

A lot of time and effort goes in to organising 166 cars to go on a stand. Granted 20 of these were Renaults Display cars, but the rest were split across the 3 clubs.

Two ticket options were up for grabs, standard or VIP. Posting out over 270 tickets, spread across over 165 envelopes, all posted recorded delivery takes a hell of a lot of time. Breaking that down:-

Folding the items to go in the envelope
Separating the wrist bands as they come in batches of 10, both standard and VIP
Typing out the label and printing.
Sticking the label on
Sticking the postal label on
Sticking the recorded delivery label on
Then sinking that with the Recorded delivery book,
Handwriting the name and address in the recorded delivery book, as a proof of postage.
Putting the items in the envelope, depending on what people have ordered.
Take to the post office
P18s the post master off as each one has to be scanned individually and it creates a massive queue out the door with everyone giving you daggers as your standing there and leaving.
Postage increases by 30%, so I lost 17p per envelope. Money out of my pocket.

Designing and getting the VIP bands printed
Designing and printing the info letter that goes into the envelope.
Ink, paper, envelopes. - cost
Going to buy the food and drink. Takes time.
Making a trip to the venue, over 60 miles the day before the event to get all the food and drink there. On my 30th birthday !
Getting items to put in the goody bags – takes time

This year was the first year that I wasn't on the stand and first year I didn't ask my wife to spend 2 hours making the goody bags up the night before.

Why do I leave packaging up the goody bags until a few days before ?. There is a cost to the goody bags and I don't want to over buy things as I will end up more out of pocket. I leave buying the stuff to go in them until a few days before, so that I get the right amount. This then allows people until the last minute to get tickets and VIP. Historically I make the bags up a day or so before. This year I didn't as I was working right up to the Friday morning at 7am. I was up at 10am getting things ready for my 30th party, of which I had the day before my birthday as I would have sacrificed coming to FCS at 0530 in the morning !!!

The Saturday was my birthday, which I spent getting food and drink and driving over 60 miles there to drop it off and arrange the stand, with positioning of the units etc. Some 3 hours later I got to drive home again after Donington wouldn't let us on our stand area due to a track day. Last minute emails and packaging of stand passes for those that needed more, I finally got to bed at midnight. Few hours kip and then back up again.

This year, I decided to help my mate out on a trade stand as someone had let him down. By doing this I thought we could make the goody bags up together, but it took longer than I thought it would. The intention was to make them up and go back to the Renault Stand. In the meantime, the two staff on the renault unit would be able to keep an eye on things.

More food and drink was purchased this year, compared to last year. In fact we had a lot left over last year.

As it happens from what I have heard, entry to the VIP wasn't policed. And it sounds like it was a bit of a free for all. The first I heard of this was at 2pm, when the hot food had all gone. I didn't even get any !!! My mate, some will remember the little liverpoolian hitler from previous years wasn't able to come this year. He usually helps me out acting as a doorman, giving up his own time. As he has a baby son and it was fathers day, I could understand him not wanting to come along. Particularly as he gets nothing for it.

While I'm talking about fathers day. Despite being there from 0530, I didn't leave until 1800, with the hours drive home and car unloaded, I didn't get to see my 2 year old daughter on fathers day !

I appreciate that some, and I will emphasise SOME are not happy with VIP. I can to some extent understand, but I will not be giving refunds.

Over 98% of the goody bags were collected, of which I still have some left. If 98% of people could find me, then why couldn't you that didn't collect them ?

As for the food, what more could I do ? I ordered more food than last year. I think the main issue was not having the entry policed. Ill take that on the chin and next year will be different. There was still plenty of drinks left over though at the end of the day. I make no money out of this event, in fact this year I actually lost money thanks to royal mail upping their prices.

For those that didn't get their goody bags. You have a few options. I will bring them to the Asda event and Trax. If you wish to collect them, so be it. I will even keep them until next years FCS if needed. If you would like to have them posted to you, let me know and ill let you know the Postage and Packaging cost. I will not offer a refund on these as they were there to be collected.

As for the food, those that didn't get any, please feel free to email me direct and we can chat about it.

As for the layout of the stand. This was a new venue of which has never been tried or tested before. As always, lessons will be learnt with improvements next year.

I would also like to cover the Renault track rides.

Firstly, these were free. Provided yet again at a cost. The actual laps on the track were heavily restricted by book a track. These are the track organisers for the event. Renault had no options or choices. Believe me, they were equally frustrated at the time delays and queues. I would recommend your feedback goes to the FCS organisers with regards to the track rides, as they can take this up with bookatrack.

I have locked this post as I'm not having a free for all slagging session. The Mods have been advised that if any posts are started with regards to VIP, they will be closed and referred back to me.

If anyone has any issues with VIP, then please contact me on my email address. [email protected]