Offer you the services offered by the university for direct teaching students at the University of Malaysia
Receiving students at the airport when they come for the first time.
Securing the study permit in Malaysia for on-campus students
Helping the student to get a proper residence if interested, due to the unavailability of hostel for the university now
Doing the procedures for having the permit sticker (Visa) of the student after arriving in Malaysia.
Renewing the students’ visas every year.
Student can send invitation letter to a companion (wife, son, mother, sister, brother, so on).
Offering various extracurricular activities such as contests, forums, and religious, cultural and sport activities, and etc.
Benefiting from the library and the e-library available in the university
Providing the computer lab for academic research, and the Wi-Fi net in the university campus
Giving instructions to the new students so that they become in harmony with social and academic life in Malaysia
Offering academic consultations to students
Issuing health insurance for students
Welcome to the Madinah International University