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  1. Mégane Renaultsport 250/265 (Mk3)
    first of all - its great to be here , hope to learn and to donate to the forum as much as i can. btw my name is - idan and im 40 years old. ok now - for the questions if you may 1. when i start driving exhaust system is working just fine - popping and cracking sound great - but after a 5-10...
  2. Engine, Gearbox, Exhausts & Running Gear
    What have you guys done to make your car louder and sound nicer?
  3. Mégane Renaultsport (Mk2)
    Such a difficult choice buying a new exhaust, I've narrowed it down to Ktec but not sure which one would be the best. Has anybody fitted either of the below exhausts on their R26, if you have please give me some feedback.
1-3 of 3 Results