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All of a sudden the things are seemingly all over the place. I used to find them rare as anything on my travels but recently I can't go out without seeing another one, 2 in fact on my KFC run Friday.

Black R26 with decals (I thought I was the only one around here), L3 priv plate on Morrison's roundabout at 6:45-ish. I was a couple of cars from the roundabout though. I was going to get after you but you went the boring Cressing Road route xD

Then on the way back at about 7:30 I pulled up to Spinks Lane traffic lights behind another black Meg B*08 (no decals) We both turned left but I couldn't get your attention and you were unresponsive lol.

Got a gut feeling the 2nd one won't be on here but never know...
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