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2 x 12" sony 1200w pentagon subs

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as you know i like my stereo equip but sadly these 2 12s have to go from my other car :( need the boot space.

these were bought last december by myself and come complete with the boxes in the pics, they are great subs and sound awesome.

they are 1200w peak power so around 450 rms in power, i had 4 of these in my car and the sound is awesome it really is, but like i said sadly 2 have to go.

£150 will get you the pair in the boxes, but if they need to be posted this will be extra.

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Bloody cheap mate!!!

Will see if i can take them off you for the demo quad. :lol:
it is a good price with the boxes for 2 of them,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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