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225 Parts for sale

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I have in my possesion various parts that will be cheaper than you can get anywhere!!!

Parts include:

Front and rear bumpers in black
Starter motor
Wheels Original Full Fat and various Speedline Turini, Compomotive MO all original size!!

All parts are genuine Renault parts!

Maybe able to source other parts also

P.M For more details
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Jamie tell me more about the turini's sounds good
price style size etc
Any chance of some pics m8


I will see if I can sort out some pics!!
All the parts aside from the wheels are original Renault parts :!:
Im after 1 wheel mate i want a spare one. Any chance of you splitting them?
If so how much you want?
What sort of wheel do you want? any in particular?
what wheels have you got? I have cup wheels but im not to bothered about it being a normal alloy one.
Probably the speedline turini or full fat one if you are interested!!!
try and get some pics up if you can mate.
Yeah im interested in a full fat one mate. How much are you looking for it?
Let me get some pics up as the Full fat ones have a couple of scuffs if I remember but will check them first
Ok cool im not to bothered about marks on it as it will be just for a spare as i only have that crappy spray stuff.
Cool I will get some pics on monday and post them up
Sorry matey I didnt have the chance to but watch this space

They are my works and I havent been there since last week I apologise :oops:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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