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3xDunlop SP Sport 205.55.16 / 2 Dunlop SP Sport 205.60.16...

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Hi, I’ve just come over here from :) I have just bought some alloys that come from a megane or so I am told, they have come complete with 6xtyres which are of no use to me as I own a Clio.

The tyres are

3xDunlop SP Sport 205.55.16
2xDunlop SP Sport 205.60.16
1xPirelli P6000 205.55.16

All appear to be in decent condition, and have reasonable tread 4mm at a guess on most although will get my tread checker out later and post some pics up once I’ve had the tyres removed from the alloys (some time this afternoon)

Offers around £25 per tyre?

Feel free to pm me with any questions or hop over to to verify me if you like forum name over there is also russ9898

Cheers guys
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yeah, thought they maybe but never know if some1 is looking for some cheap track day tyres or what not :)

thats a nice lookin motor btw :) think i megane 225 maybe the next step for me in a couple of yrs time
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