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A few questions

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hello all, not long been on the forum and have read pages and pages and pages and still learning.

the car is due a service in 2k but i feel like doing it abit earlier. ive always been a fan of mobil oils any other good choices?

i'll be making the short trip to rs tuning in the new year for a remap not much point now as the rubbish weather/reduced use it will be a waste.

The car is standard minus a k&N open cone kit (previous owner), will anything need changing/uprating prior to my visit?
Is the standard recirc valve up to the job?
i have the standard airbox would this be better to change back to?
i have no real intentions of modifying it further than just a remap really.

and lastly where do i locate a full silicone boost kit for the car? including the boost pipe at the front of the car. would just a straight length of samco do the job? if so what length/diameter should i be after.

thank you very much and if there are answers i have missed in the banks of info sorry and ill stick at the search button a bit longer.

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Loose the open cone kit first off. F4R engine suffers badly from heat. Just pop the bonnet after a long journey and you'll see! Nothing else is needed for the STG1 map but minor mods will help give better power allthough peak gains will be minimal from the generic map. Standard recirc valve is fine unless yours is fooked.

Define full silicone boost kit? Something like the hard boost pipes kec sell or silicone hoses in the engine bay? Either way you'd better with a uprated intercooler.
I had k&n on when got it rstuned, it was far to small so i still have sn open filter but its a converted evo x filter ie bin lid lol, my car runs spot on with it and sounds fantastic, its all down to personal preference mate but k&n is defo to small :)
just the silicone hoses within the engine bay. like the one from the airbox to turbo and the one where a d/v would be fitted and i only really want them because they look nice. i dont want to play to much with this car as it takes funds away from the tvr im building.

i have a number plate light out also but upon closer inspection the bulb holder is completely rusty and this has travelled up part of the loom. luckily this part of the loom is replaceable by the looks of it. is there any where online i can get a parts catalouge from so i can get the part number for it.

mj you have been very helpful in response to all my posts thanks!

thanks budgie i do like the sound, do you have a partnumber for the evo x filter?
No worries mate. You can get kits (ktec, samco, forge etc) to replace the silicone hoses in the engine bay. No real gain but If you like the look of them. The ITG kit would be your best intake option once available.

Modding becomes a slippery slope. I only intended on a map and then things progess lol. As for the loom - email Mr C from worldsaprts -
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