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A Red 55 plated Cup doing billy big steps up the fast lane, hope you are on here as I want to know if the M5 caught up with you?
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no my shitty Broadband modem went up the creek mate!!

Dont worry coz i is back!!!! :lol:
went bang on Monday!!! :cry: :cry:
Cambelt snapped!!!
you will never keep me quiet for that long mate :lol:
looking forward to it mate but beware i will have my daughter with me!!!
Jamie, If it was about 9ish going southbound then it was me. And no, no sign of any M5 at all...
It was Northbound at about 8ish but there are not many Cups about so its gotta be you!!
Nope, def not me as I was going South. Must be two of us I guess..
Hmmm strange, well if you do see a Blue one I am pretty sure it will be me, give me a shout!! dont use the horn as I wont hear it :lol: :lol:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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