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ABS Error: Renault Megane RS 265 - Facelifted

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Hello everyone,

I`m experiencing some errors with my ABS system.

Speedometer Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Odometer

Attached above, is a picture of the indicator lights which are ON

some additional information:
before the errors appeared, I had a check start&stop, which indicated a weak battery.
a week later, the ABS errors appeared, I got the battery changed, the check start&stop disappeared, and the errors remain the same.
I have recently refreshed my braking systems - Pads, Disks, Fluid, and new Braided cables - thus low brake fluid isn`t the cause.

I have connected a scanner, the following errors appear:

Rectangle Font Paper Paper product Magenta

please note, the scanner was connected after I have swapped the battery, power supply might be in accordance to that cause.
sometimes the ABS lights disappear

although, I see 3 active errors, so any idea what they mean? can`t find any explanation, and before I run too fast and replace a computer like written near the active error code, I would like to understand better



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