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For those who have 2 or more private cars in their household:-

Check out Admiral Car Insurance, they do a multi car quote now.

Just done mine and Michelles car on the same policy, works out loads cheaper. Bit of a shame, got to wait till November, as we've not long renewed them. But Admiral say they'll insure mine next year for £520 !!!! Im 23 and my other half is 21. 6 years NCD.

You can even keep both your no claims running !!!!

Doesn't matter if the policy dates are different.

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Some Questions and Answers

Q. What is MultiCar?

A. MultiCar is the great new way of insuring up to five cars under one car insurance policy.

Q. Is MultiCar for me?

A. If you have two or more private cars (not company or commercial) in your house then MultiCar could save you money. Don't worry if the renewal dates on your cars are different because we will help you bring them together.

Q. Do I have to be married to be eligible for MultiCar insurance?

A. No. MultiCar Insurance is available to all cars in your household. Husband, wife, partner, brother, daughter or friend - it doesn't matter as long as the cars are registered at the same address. If you have a son or daughter away at university they can be covered too. In fact, one person can insure more than one car themselves and still be eligible for MultiCar discounts.

Q. The cars in my household have different renewal dates. Can I
take advantage of the discounts and take out a MultiCar policy?

A. Yes, don’t worry if the renewal dates on your cars are different because we will help you to unite your renewal dates, which means you too could save more with MultiCar.

Q. If all the renewal dates are the same, won't I have a big bill to

A. No! Firstly, this is MultiCar, so you'll have great discounts on each car you insure. Secondly, you could spread the payments over twelve months and spread the cost of your car insurance.

Please call 0800 600 800 for more details.

Q. Can I change my car?

A. Yes. You can change cars any time you like during the term of the insurance policy. And in some cases you might also be entitled to a rebate.

Q. How will my No Claims Bonus be affected if a claim is made
on the MultiCar policy?

A. If a policyholder within the MultiCar policy makes a claim or a claim is made against them, the other policyholder's No Claims Bonus will not be affected. Only the individual policyholder’s No Claims Bonus of the car involved, will be affected.

Q. Will I be able to drive all cars on the policy?

A. You must be named as a driver under section 5 of the car’s current Certificate of Motor Insurance for you to be able to drive.

Q. Who can drive my car?

A. Only individuals listed under section 5 of your current Certificate of Motor Insurance may drive. Telephone us on 0870 548 0000 and we can add drivers to your policy beforehand, either for a few days or for the rest of your policy term, providing the drivers are eligible for insurance with Admiral MultiCar. There is a charge for adding drivers to your policy, which will be advised at the time of your call.

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Yeah got that aswell, me and the missus on the megane

Megane £500 a year

she wouldnt drive the lancia even if it was made of gold!

Lancia £170 a year

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