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Aftermarket ECU for Megane 3 RS

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Check out the link below

there is now an aftermarket ecu solution for these cars without losing factory system functionality
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New video uploaded showing Flex fuel operation and idle quality with 1150 cc injectors on 98 octane petrol and then Flex Fuel.

OEM Ecu reflashes are cost effective but you are still limited by the parameters of the Factory ECU.
This system lets you explore and capatalise on the potential of the Megane III RS Platform. Data logging review and analysis is free via Motec I2 software.
Start file provided with the package is good for 250hp at the wheels or 315 at the crank with standard injectors, fuel pump, intercooler and turbo. This equates to a 27% increase for a RS250 or 19% increase for a RS265 or a 16% increase for a RS275.
The system retains all OEM or Factory functionality and has massive future potential to allow for any future modifications.
The system also is unlocked so you can chose between tuners if you desire.
$6k Aud includes M130 ecu, Custom firmware, lambda module and sensor, IGN4 module and 260 wheel hp or 325 engine hp start file
1 - 3 of 6 Posts