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aftermarket stereo and storage box

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Does one know the part numbers for a aftermarket stereo surround and the storage tray which replaces the 6 disc cd changer

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I've got this somewhere I'll try and find it!
i know the stereo surround part no but not the tray.

click on his link to the shop and type in FB-08-01 this is the plate for a megane 225 radio
right pocket is 8200178946 £4.43 and the surround is 7711222322 £ 3.57 (both prices + vat) but as andy says the renault surround is pretty useless the autoleads one is definately worth paying extra for
Ordered the surround from the place andy suggested, and getting the lower tray from my local dealer

I had the renault surround but it snapped, I ordered the autoleads one over christmas and its far better, well worth the extra 10 quid
shame they dont do one for the bottom, top looks all neat and the bottom looks like its got a bit missing, oh well :D
part numbers for din sized blanking plate for under the stereo

7701475096 in region of £28.50 :roll:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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