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Albi Blue- decision delayed

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Just heard from Renault UK. They have put back the decision as to when they will accept Albi blue orders by another week.

Bear in mind, this isnt that they will take orders in a week, this is that they will say in a week when it will be when they will start taking orders.

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in case your interested, the reason for the delay is

The issue is the supply of the colour coded side mouldings as they are delayed.
:( nightmare,are you gonna go for another colour now or
wait it out?
gonna wait another few days

tbh there isnt another colour i want
I had an email today from someone who told me they have ordered this colour, not sure where they ordered from though
I ordered it Jon, 3 weeks ago

but that doesnt mean that the dealers have had it accepted by Renault.

Fortunately Adrian at is honest about it and says it like it is.
Decisions...decisions :roll:

They should offer it as a special order.

Order accepted - Albi Blue is GO !!!!

hell yes

ta Ade, what a bleedin relief. For you as well I would imagine, as I will soon have run out of issues to bother you with and you can get back to running the company ;p

ta though, you patience has been tested just as much as mine i suspect

/ Vol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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