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alex needs help

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Got the car back from the dealers todaya nd all checks out on clip ok + they cleared teh adaptive values.

I still cant rev over 6000 rpm properly.

Webcode. do you think tightening the actuator arm would have caused this problem. I dont think its the exhaust's issue as it was happening before i had it done.

Any ideas?
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for the record

Original clip message was "destructive mis fire on cylinder 1"

Coils were moved about and the fault didnt move cylinder - Problem remained

Injector for cylinder 1 was replaced - No more clip messages but problem remains.

Adaptives reset - problem remains.
I'm thinking about it as I type..

I'll get back to you pronto :wink:
have you got an air filter on the car? I once had that problem when I fitted an air filter and the seal round the neck wasnt made properly, could be that or a problem with the airflow meter?
problem was happening before and after i fitted the bassett induction kit. Before that i had a standard air box
webcode please see your pm.

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