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What level of tune is your Megane? Vote now!

  • Standard

    Votes: 12 24.0%
  • Stage 1 = mapped only

    Votes: 17 34.0%
  • Stage 1 + = mapped with FMIC

    Votes: 7 14.0%
  • Stage 2 = mapped with FMIC

    Votes: 3 6.0%
  • Stage 2 + =mapped with FMIC + de-cat

    Votes: 5 10.0%
  • Stage 3 = mapped with FMIC + decat + injectors

    Votes: 2 4.0%
  • Stage 3 + = mapped with hybrid turbo + FMIC + de-cat + injectors + fuel pump

    Votes: 3 6.0%
  • Stage 4 = Forged internals

    Votes: 1 2.0%
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Hi all,

Please vote on the closest option to your state of tune and feel free to comment on any additional mods you done relating to the engine in addition to the following:

Model year
Which fuel you use
Mileage travelled in state of tune
Dyno'd hp & torque

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2007 car - 3" cat back, ITG panel filter, FMIC and RST STG1 map.
Used to use momentum but now only use Vpower.
Car was mapped and had a FMIC on when I bought it but.
Currently running a RST STG1 for a few thousand miles - 261bhp and about 280 ftlb.

On the map it was on when I bought the car it was running badly - injectors were running 104% duty and it was trimming up long term to almost max level. I ended up having a RST map, new set of standard injectors, new fuel pump and new lambda as mine was covered in 5hite and not reading correctly.

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r26 2007
Stage 1+
Close to 60K on stage 1 (first owner had it mapped by RStuning from new, i bought it with 25K) that includes track work.
Circa 260bhp 260 ft torque (this was prior to the following mods: fmic, uprated hoses, cat back system, new ITG induction kit, re-circ valve)
No idea power/torque it's currently running, quick enough tho :)

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2006 225
Momentum 99
FMIC, De cat, 2.75 milltek, SMF Flywheel, Stage 2
Approx 5k on stage 1 256bhp 270lb/ft
5k on stage 2 270bhp 315lb/ft

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225 cup 2005
Shell v power
64k in total 18k on stage 3
304bhp 335ftlb
Mods: FMIC, Hybrid turbo, forge actuator with yellow spring, alloy hard pipes including intake, 630cc injectors, modified airbox with itg panel filter, intercooler water spray with 0.8 bar trigger switch, de-cat & 2.75" miltek catback. Rs tuning map.

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226cup 2006 (55)
65k 6k stage 3
Tesco 99 or bp 97
293bhp 320lbft
FMIC, decat, hard boost pipes, 2.75 miltek, panel filter, 690cc injectors, ktec mapping, ktec hybrid

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R26 2007 (57 plate)
33700 miles (2.5k on new engine)
Stage 2 tuning with forged internals
280bhp ad 320lbft
V-power or tesco 99

Fmic, forge hoses, forge dump valve(blue spring), itg panel filter, modified airbox, ngk iridium plugs, miltek 2.75" decat, k-tec 3" cat back exhaust, forge blanking plate, corge actuator (yellow spring), 630cc injectors, helix smf, helix uprated clutch (organic), custom cat cams, cp pistons (low compression), cat rods, acl race bearings and rstuning custom map.

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Megane r26 - No. 152
Production year - 2007
Always run on Shell Vpower
45,000 miles total
15,000 standard (I assume)
20,000 on stage 1 - 271bhp /
10,000 on stage 3 - 302bhp /


Forge intercooler
Forge re-circ with yellow spring
Forge actuator with yellow spring
Forge silicone boost pipes
Milltek turbo back exhaust system
ITG panel filter with airbox modification
630cc Siemens Deka injectors
RStuning hybrid turbo
RStuning mapping
ARP con rod bolts
Single mass billet flywheel
r26.r clutch kit

The oil and filter has always been changed every 6,000 miles using 5w40 fully synthetic.

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57 reg.
4k on stage1.
R26 f1.
Ran on sainsbury's super.
Stage 1 .
mitsubishi evo x apexi induction kit, adapted to megane.
Forge dv.
Short shift mod.
Bbox chop.
Under bonnet sound deadening removed.
Her name is loraine as she is a growler.

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Megane 225 F1 Team year 2006
95000 KM (59 375 miles)
Stage 1 map (RSTuning) 20k KM
Stage 2 map (RSTuning) 30k KM

Forge intercooler
Forge re-circ with yellow spring
Forge actuator with yellow spring
Samco silicone boost pipes
ITG panel filter with airbox modification
Single mass billet flywheel with APRacing drive plate

A lot of track days on stage 2 map and some b roads blasts (almost every day :) )
Oil change at 15.000 KM
Car was running on ELF sxr 5w40 for 70.000 KM
Than I have change for the Motul 300V 5w40 (25000 km on motul)

This year going for the hybrid with ARP rod bolds and bigger injector

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megane 225 lux cup 2007
v power or tesco 99
been stage 2 since 20k and recently fitted uprated injectors
276 bhp
change oil and filter every 8k with fuchs titan race

k-tec intercooler
630cc injectors
quaife atb lsd
smf & r26.r clutch
itg panel filter

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Megane 225 5 Door
2005 54 plate
58k full renault history oil changed every 6k since i had it.
im the second owner had it 3 years.
246bhp on stage one map
done approx 12k miles/1 year on stage 1
Tesco 99 fuel

bmc panel filter
with air box mod
2.75" miltec decat
2.75" ktec exhaust
forge pipes

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Megane 225 2005

70 000km (43 750 miles)

Stage 1 from Fastchip on 50 000km
+ de-cat
+ BMC CDA air filter with cold air feed
258hp on a dyno
0-200km 25,9 measured with Racelogic

Stage 1 from RS Tuning on 60 000km
+ back box chop
+ converted headlight washers into Intercooler sprayers.
+ Samco silicone hose kit (boost pipe, intake pipe, throttle pipe)
+ replaced BMC for Pipercros Viper with direct cold air feed
0-200km 23,1

Oil change s every 8000km or at least once a year

Serviced at Renault dealer with Elf Evolution 5w30

Last two oil changes with Motul 300V 10w40

Always run on "claimed" 98 RON fuel. No Shell or any other brand in my country.

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r26 - 07, number 1400 od

first 22k not done by me, but was standard
rst stage 1 at 28k ish
tdf stage 2 at 33k ish

run on v power, and renault elf 5w40 oil used

forge intercooler
forge actuator
miltek system with decat
forge silicone pipes
forge recirc valve
ktec solid flywheel
.r clutch
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