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Anti-percolation fan/pump

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Can you explain about the workings of the anti-percolation system on the 225? How and when it operates?

I recall that when I first got my 225, the anti-percolation fan/pump, whatever it is would always be on when I shut the engine off. Lately, I have noticed that it doesn't come on immedately after engine shut off. It may take a few minutes or not appear to come on at all. Sometimes I don't wait around long enough to find out.

Many thanks
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Anti perc fan / pump

Hi m8 mine operates just as u r s does but i don't think there's anything wrong with it, but i could be wrong, pump seems 2 have a mind of its own !
not 100% sure mate but could it be something to do with the ambient temperature, we need to ask our experts on this one. I dont think we've heard from Webcode for yonks. Cheers Phill
Why would the car need an anti percolation fan? All I hear from mine when I switch off is pinging metal cooling!
the pump works of water temp if its a hot day the coolent will be hotter so the pump will cut in on shut off but if on a cooler day it might not be up to temp but cause the engine is not running the coolent tep sitting in the engine will rise after a few minits and cut the pump in.
According to rennosport panel of experts the meg does not have a cooling system for circulating oil round the turbo after the engine is switched off. So you need to let it idle for a while before stopping it.
thats right the oil is pumped by the engine wich is why you should let it tick over a min or 2 the pump that you can here when switched of is circulating coolent around the engine.
Woah term confusion here. An Anti-Perc fan was a feature on the R5 GTT to blow air over the carb to stop the fuel evaporating off in the float chamber after and aid warm restart.

The Meg has nothing like this.

What it does have is an auxilary water pump which if the temp is over a set limit will pump coolant through the turbos CHRA when the engine is stopped. This avoids having to let it idle down etc. as per old school turbo cars as the heat in the CHRA continues to be conducted away. There is sufficent thermal mass in the coolant to absorb this without needing the rad fans on or the car moving.

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