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hi guys,

anyone good at french on here??? just been onto the french website's homepage and there is a little box advertising the new renault megane, but with a difference it looks like its going to be the diesel version from what i can make out, its says 2.0dci 150ch with a picture of the renaultsport. could this be?????????????? the oil burner that we thought was going to be launched??

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Doc883 said:
The Laguna is the GT 205 which is running a detuned version of the Meg225 engine. The same engine, detuned further to 165, is available in the Megane.
correct for the 205gt (what a sleeper its gonna be around 8k to buy soon with the revised interior and all that tuning potencial a complete bargin imo) is the meggyengine in a slight lesser state of boost/mapping
the 165 i think has smaller injectors and a slightly different turbo with smaller intercooler i think.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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