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You don't need a good camera to get a winning entry.
Take photos in the morning or evening so the light is nice and shows all the different angles on the car. Try to take the photo so the sun is 90 degrees to your side.
Second find a good place and compose the image so the car looks good. Look in car magazines and photos online to see what works and looks good.
Take some quick detailer with you to make sure your car has a nice shine
Buy an LED light or two there less than a tenner of Ebay, Although it did'nt light the car up that much it did a little bit.
Rest your camera on something to make sure your going to get a sharp photo.
Resize your image with a decent resizing tool to make sure you lose no image quality, Photobuckets resizer is terrible.
Don't rush the photo wait for the clouds to clear or wait for a heavy shower to come into the shot (Like i did i waited 30mins)
Have an idea of a good shot before you go out.
Hope this helps?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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