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Are you all psychic?

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I've gone through all those mentioning an Inferno, but most of you don't give a plate or anything extra about the car (e.g. car sticker) so how can anyone tell who it is?

Now if you had said "Inferno that looks like it has been dunked in a combination of mud & tar, couldn't read plate 'cos car was too dirty & driver had face out of side window as windscreen usless as wipers had failed to dig through layer of grime" I would guess you saw me
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thing is the 225 is so rare that if you spot on say in sainsburys car park yesterday at 12.00 if your the owner you know its you!
Guess the 225 is quite rare, infact I think I've only ever seen 2 others on the road. Nice to be driving a unique car, but if you ever get seen speeding it will be hard to use the excuse "it must have been the one that just overtook me"
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