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Asda Event 2013

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Bruntingthorpe aerodrome, Leicestershire.

I now have the passes for this years ASDA event.
Entry this year is £10 per car and you will need a pass to get entry.

As you know this is a private event and I have been asked by the organisers to keep it to Meganesport members only.
All those wishing to attend please list your names below and PM me your email and I will send you a pass.
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I'm game Stevie lad. Only chance I get to catch up with you boys :)
Stevie lad, I can't pm you on here mate. What date is this on?
Scrap that iv just read the first page.. ill try pm ing you on the other forum mate ;)
Yes mate, its literally right on my doorstep :) you coming aswell bud?
Sorry guys i went for the 4th time and was i have to say abit frustrated and cheesed off that years past we had a Renault stand and at least 20 cars from this site !!!! Whats happened ???? I parked in the field as embarrassed of the turn out... me thinks its time to address this forum !
That's abit harsh tbf. Alot of the people who would have been there in years gone by no longer own meganes/don't come on here/dont attend any shows or meets etc. None of the clubs get a stand as such so its all down to people meeting up before hand and then parking together as a group.

I'm not having a go mate but did you not enjoy all the other stuff there? The track action, the rally cars, the shows, the massive ice cream courtesy of Dave, all the hot metal parked on the field?

I go to events like this to see all the rare stuff (Countach anyone?) not to look at loads of normal cars that all look alike :)
1 - 7 of 63 Posts
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