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Asda Event 2013

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Bruntingthorpe aerodrome, Leicestershire.

I now have the passes for this years ASDA event.
Entry this year is £10 per car and you will need a pass to get entry.

As you know this is a private event and I have been asked by the organisers to keep it to Meganesport members only.
All those wishing to attend please list your names below and PM me your email and I will send you a pass.
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1. Stevie1972
2. Cazan_Racing
3. Jonesy
4. markblack
5. bluediamond
6. Mark250
7. Ripley Paul
8. l66hod
9. Mikey1
Can you add me please Stevie !
All done mate !
still not sure as yet stevie, i'll let you no
No problem mate
Me too please buddy, love this event been last 2 years can't wait!
Can everyone that's attending please make sure you have pm'd me your email. I will be emailing the passes out after FCS.
Can everyone that wants to go please pm me your email address as I will be sending out the passes this week !
Is there any more room for this I've only just seen it?
Of course mate, just pm me your email and I'll send you a pass this week
Ok Chris, I'll have look now :)
1. Strell2. - Email sent
2. Cazan_Racing. - Email sent
3. Jonesy
4. markblack
5. bluediamond. - Email sent
6. Mark250. - Email sent
7. Ripley Paul. - Email sent
8. l66hod. - Email sent
9. Mikey1. - Emailsent
10. Cmiles1991. - Email sent
11. ewant81. - Email sent
12. Ben_r1. - Email sent

Passes should now be with you if listed above.

Would the others on the list or anyone else wanting to go please pm me your email and I'll send you a pass.

Please read !
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Nice one Stevie :biggthumpup:
No bother mate, see you next weekend !

You going to graffiti pics meet ?
Cool, yes mate we are going !
Yes mate, we are on the M6 at the moment :)
its pretty warm down here!!
Cool ! Gillian has just informed me there is Cidre in a bag in the boot ! Currently removing the back seat to access it :yumyum:
It's running perfect mate !
I fixed the bumper and window is all sorted as well
Just mine to get done now :)
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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