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ASR/ESP problem

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Recently I just left my 225 to the dealer because the 10K oil change and because a problem with the injectors. The problem was that in the morning and aprox at 4000 revs the car just lost the power and the message of check injectors came to the panel, and after a few seconds the ASR/ESP problem appear in the same one.
I just turn the car off and turn it on inmediatly and the problems dissapears....WHen I picked they told me that they have solved the problem :lol: :lol: and was true...until yerterday at night that happened the same...
Someone has experienced this, what do you think taht it could be...
Could be the injectors???

Thanks for your help
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on the throttle body theres a small black plastic connector, I've had that changed on mine, the new one they fitted was modified from the original one so must be something they are aware of, if that connector lifts up under boost its right next to a map sensor so will probably give the ECU a bad reading and cause the check injection/ASR fault, thats my theory anyway!
Jon, the mod that you mention the renault dealer made it?
It was something to the ECU? I change the original filter but never experieced this prob. until now. even with the new filter.

Thanks mate
Diegza i see you are in Mexico.
Same problem here in South Africa, due to natural condition, HOT, DRY and ALTITUDE, some of the original maps dont work properly and it throws that error and puts the car into limp mode.

There was a solution for that problem that came from France and it involved reloading the software with a new set of map values, and the problem was resolved.

All RS225's in South Africa were recalled and the updated loaded to resolve the problem.

Ask your dealer about it because its a known documented solution.
I mate thanks for the reply :D :D
It was the boost controller that was causing the fault. I give it to much power :roll: :roll:
The ECU was detecting extra pressure on the system and I was awared by the guy who sold it to me that was prob "you pass the line"
I took it to the dealer because I want to eliminate any parts problem..
Right now it´s running nice and easy...well not that easy :roll: :roll:

Cheers mate
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