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Auto Light Fault

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Hi Webcode,

just thinking you may be able to sahed the light on my plan of attack for the dealers on this one. Apparently, on the way to work this morning, my fiance suddenly had an error message display "automatic lights failure". the lights then switched off and would only come on again when turned on manually.

What do you reckon has gone wrong, or can you suggest what I may need to get the mechanics to look at when it gets its 30000kms service?

cheers mate,
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Dave ive had this problem. They blamed it on having my windows tinted at first. When i told them that my front windscreen had not been tinted they ended up replacing the sensor. warranty of course :lol:
They blamed it on having my windows tinted at first
:shock: :shock: :shock:

Honestly what are these people on! :roll:
tell me about it. They had to use a stanley knife blade on the windscreen to prove the point that it was not tinted, as if it was, it would have scratched.

When i 1st got the punto the passenger door was really stiff, and they said its probably cos the cars been lowered. :oops:

Low tell me this suspension and passenger door, i don't see the connection.

I won't say what i said to him, but i'm sure you get the picture! :roll:

I wouldn't mind it wasn't even lowered!!!
Davelee225 said:
i think i said the same thing. Unbelieveable isnt it
Sure is mate! :wink:
well you boys will play around with your cars and break things :wink:
Well, it appears that lights have fixed themselves, I'll be keeping a close eye on this one!!
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