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autoleads adapter looms

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Does any one know the part numbers for the sony compatable leads which autoleads do for stearing wheel control and the display on the top of the dash.

If you do who are the better people to get them from

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If you have a newish megane with 'update list' on your head unit (printed on the lower right had side of stereo) auto leads don’t do a lead for it.

There is a company called InCarTec who do a lead which allows you to use the steering controls with a Sony head unit, here is a copy of a email I received of them:

email said:

We have this item in stock and at the moment is only available from us as we are not rolling it out to the new year, the cost of the unit is £79 including postage & packaging with your choice of stereo end.

I have attached a info sheet on the product
This is the info sheet new 29-800 stalk
thanks again for that olly
are they bringing out an adapter do you know? wanted to change my headunit but didnt want to loose the display really. I've got the Update List unit.
Yes this InCarTec company does one for the 'update list' megane.

But the only thing displayed on the display is the name of the maker of your headunit. For example if I installed an Alpine Headunit 'ALPINE' will be displayed.

Main advantage of the kit is allowing you to use the steering wheel controls.
In some of the renault accessory books its says about different headunits like VDO ones and sony ones. I wonder if Renault do an adapter themselves? so the display still works.
Renault do an adapter but it seams only the steering column controls work and not the dash top display, They do them for becker and sony stereos

What if you have the TunerList stereo will it be easier to do i am looking at getting a Sony HU ...

I was thinking of getting this unit so i can plug my MP3 player into it ..

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I spoke to InCarTec yesterday and the new adapter should display the radio manufacturer name but also things like "Vol Up", "Vol Down" and "Mute". Basically most things related to a steering control related action. They don't seem to be able to interface with any head units changer control which is why nothing clever is displayed.

Its a shame they can't get together with Connects2 who can interface to get RDS/Track info etc, but who aren't very good at getting it on the display.
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