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I'm Upgrading house - So I have to downgrade car.

Excellent Condition & Great Car

Black (Gold) metalic Paint
September 2004 - 54 reg
2 Door
10,900 miles
Climate Control
Cruise Control
18" Wheels
6 CD Cabasse Multi-changer stereo
Xennon Front Lights
Paneramic double Sunroof
Key-Less Entry (Key Card)
Full Leather
Heated Front Seats
Rear Spoiler
K-Tec Dump Valve
Pipercross Induction Kit
Bell Autoservices ECU Re-map - 270BHP

£14,495 ONO

PM me if interested
Tel = 07773780423

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Well gutted !!!!....... but, you can't have everything.

Do you know anyone that may be interested?

What do you think of the price?

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Price seems ok you just have to see who bites and at what price.
Sorry m8 dont know any one at the mo but will let you know if i do.



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Just a question/observation...
...that the mods are a double-edged sword? Positively they'd keep the sale price higher than a regular model for someone who appreciates whats been done, but negatively it'll take longer to shift as the majority of people would want a bog standard one and therefore looking to pay a lower price, so you'd need to be patient and wait for that keen buyer to come along?
So if you can wait it'll be grand, but if you need bail money it might mean taking a bigger hit...not that I know anything about needing bail money :oops:

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just sold mine almost the same spec (without zenons and climate control) with 14kmiles for £11500!
I was expecting to get 13k!

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Black Megane 225 - For Sale

Mark200780 said:
No offence mate but I don't think you'll get anywhere near your target price.
No offence taken now !!!!

Sold the car yesterday for £14,500 with 11,400 miles on the clock!!!!!!!

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Mark200780 said:
I disagree, 14.5k for an 18 month old megane is a lot in my opinion. Especially when you can get deals like this for a brand new one.....

I'll stick my neck on the line and say that it won't go for more than 13k, don't like saying it because it means the lad is losing money but the second hand prices of the megane have basically fell on their arse.
You'd better get your neck on that line. :wink: :roll: :D :oops: 8) :lol: :eek: :shock:

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Its on the chopping block waiting to be cut :lol:

Fair play to you, You have got an excellent price for it and I'm pleased you got what you wanted. You've seemed to get well above book value for it, how did it go in the end? Private sale or a trade in?
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