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gazkerr said:
really nice car mate, bargain price at £12000!!!

Is this your car?


no its my fathers car, it is mint he is retired so only uses it occasionally and cleans it every other day...
He is a bit pi**ed off that he can't sell it though, he thought given its colour and condition he would get 13k easily....
I would love it but its a bit out of my price range :(

come on lads get your arse in gear and somebody give it the decent home it deserves!

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because of 2 reasons...

The main renault dealer in colchester is where I purchased the car they offered £12900 -however
If you px you can't get a discount off the price of the car.
Generally I have found with renault main dealers you can knock £1000-1500 off the list price with cash. so in effect its really only £11500

Also it gives me options on other cars such as focus st etc.

When I went to ford they don't want renaults so they phone renault dealers for a p/x price so give you a low price (obviously with a profit in the p/x for them and dealer) only offered me £10900 :(

hence why the cars up for 12k!

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nope :( only made £11500

I am not going to list it again

looks like I will have to trade it in, then let someone buy it off the renault main dealer for 15-16k :x
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