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bloke from rsc

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had a bloke contact me from renault sports club he wanted some info about me car, he sent me this pic, its not a 225 but just brought the 225 kit plus more he is going to french car show and is on the renault sports club stand dropped 35mm and has 19"s on

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yes do seem to stick out a bit, not sure on double spoiler to one on boot and one on top should just go for one option but hey each to there own, i cant talk cause mine is modded quite a bit too on the outside, no for me on the ouside except wheels 19"s or 20" getting ktec to put there 19"s on mine not keen on theres but just to get an idea what it looks like size wise :D
na not likely mate same as before few things new from last meet not many though should have new boost gauge and pillar pod all done and leds are all in, still want few more things but have to get cash first :cry:

unless k-tec want to lend me there set for the day :D
That spoiler on the back looks like a bird bath uuurrrr
looks great wen you got all the kit on, like the wider arches etc and some 20s
not sure :?: he said its on the clubs site page might have more details on it there
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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