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Blueflame Exhausts 25% discount

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Blueflame offer members a generous 25% off their superb system for the 225 The normal £385 price is reduced to £288.74 for collections or £303.74 if you want it delivered Contact Nigel Leeming on 01695 724444 to make your order
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Heres a pic of the system off the car

Hope this helps.


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They sellin them on ebay for £295 so do we get 25% off this new price?
Could we get more details of this contact person, as im in Aus and would like to email him.

Could we get more details of this contact person, as im in Aus and would like to email him.

Yes, Can we get a web site or something?
I have spoke to Blueflame today and this offer is no longer available. Can admin speak to them and see if this can be reinstated????
I spoke to nigel yesterday who offered me 350 for the system with 35 for fitting.
you gonna get it?? how cheap can you get a milltek system for??
Whats the news with this item?????
Any pic of the Miltek system?
Whats the best system?
Cheers Jock;)
is it on all blue flame stuff or just meg exhausts?

looking at getting the induction kit and custom exhaust set up for the 182 off of them
This still on???
:verystupid: do we get 25% off the new price of £391
Aparrently not. I emailed them through the eBay contact.
They simply said that the eBay shop price is already discounted.
So they lost a sale but I guess they will be happy. So am I, saved some dosh :)
i may be able to sort this deal out
my friend is a partner
get definite numbers and ill ,speak to him
i got a good deal on mine
The ammount of time i spent on my last megane trying to contact them and get a custom exhaust i wouldnt bother again.
i think i can sort it i had no problems sorting mine
if you need one let me know
can sort a deal out
i can get a good deal on 10 cat back systems
any one still interested
get the details typed out, and then people might be interested, theres a few exhausts in the game now, so discount would be good, good on you anyway :)
ill try and get fixed price
it will be cheap
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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