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Blueflame Performance

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Anyone had any probs getting hold of these guys.

I've phoned to no avail and sent at least 3 emails to the ebay address and the one listed on here.

I'm wanting to arrange fitting of the exhaust and wondered when they could do it and how long it would take (as I'll have to travel from huddersfield).

I never realised it was so hard to spend money these days!!
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Hi Dale what email address did you use and what telephone no did you ring ? i live just up the road from blueflame


Dale try 01695 733100 press option 2 (car dept ) then press option 1 (mail order dept)

or 01695 555551

Ask for Nigel

dont know what that number is on the club link though !

will try and find nigels email address when i get in tonight.
Hi bud.

I used the contact number listed somewhere on here and got no answer.

I also tried "contact seller" on the ebay auction page on Saturday and Sunday, and the "[email protected]" address from here yesterday but not heard anything.

Got the cash and ready to roll really, just need to sort a day and time out thats convenient - preferably an afternoon so I only have to take a half day off.

At Last!!


We have lift off.....booked in for 2pm on the 6th Feb with a nice chap called Ian.....

Decided on the ITG filter too which I'm about to order........

Wonder if I can con er'indoors into the Eibachs too......hmmmmm.
You going to the factory for fitting dale ?


Yes mate.

Be there for 1.30ish on Monday.
Hey guys ... i had the same problem ... sent them 3 or 4 emails an had to ring on them last friday.

No one in Australia can help me with the exhaust i had no option but to look OS.

Anyway...finally got someone after the 3 rd call :roll: ... i was told Nigel was the man ...but he was out an back today.

I sent him a email direct today .. hope to have a answer soon ...lets hope.

Can i ask what you paid for the system?

Let us know what you think of it an if its noisy inside the car

Thanks Dom
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