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Boost Controller Project Pics!

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I've just fitted an Apexi AVC-R to the meggy to control boost as i want to see how far we can go :D

Heres a couple of piccys of the unit fitted. Only running 15PSI (ish) at the moment as 20 felt a little bit harsh to say the least!

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Just read the rest of the manual and noticed the part saying DO NOT FIT ON ANY VEHICLE NOT LISTED. Oops :roll:

Took some working out but everything that should work does work and i now have my very own connection diag for the meg :D

I will be going to a RR to do some testing i.e removing the map, changing fuel pressure etc. I will post my findings ASAP. Off to go set the boost to 1.2kg cm2(17-18 PSI) and have a play :D

andy bassett said:
thats me sorted, 300hbp here i come :D
:D I'll let you know about the rolling road results and see if we can break the 300 mark :twisted:

andy bassett said:
sin the silver one, looks realy good, i quite like that one, but like you say it will stand out
You can get them cheaper tbh tho :wink:

Diegza said:
Hey Paul I´ve tought that a boost controller doesn´t help to increase the car´s pressure.
I think that your car has the remap, that´s why your are running 15 psi...
I have a TurboX....SO at the end this really helps?

THanks for your answer Paul.

It depends on where and how it is fitted, Andy did some "testing" with his car at the weekend and didn't have too much luck. If you can get some pics of under the bonnet i'll have a look. Also a link to the controller would be good :D


denty225 said:
Lookin good Paul. Can the remap be used to remove the boost limit so it can be fully controlled by the AVCR?
So far i have dared to go to 1.3BAR with no limp or anything. But.....

My intercooler appears to be errrr

Fooked! I have not looked into it yet but i am now losing boost and can hear it leaking @ anything over 1.0BAR!


The way Andy "tested" his was to remove the vacuum pipe from the wastegate thus NO pressure release anywhere on the system.

To sum it up that is very bad and likely to ruin your turbo/pistons/rods etc..... :shock:

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