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Boost Controller Project Pics!

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I've just fitted an Apexi AVC-R to the meggy to control boost as i want to see how far we can go :D

Heres a couple of piccys of the unit fitted. Only running 15PSI (ish) at the moment as 20 felt a little bit harsh to say the least!

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sin the silver one, looks realy good, i quite like that one, but like you say it will stand out
have had another play and got mine to boost to 15psi with out a remap or a boost controller,and it run fine for 21 miles :D , think if i wound the actuator arm right out it would boost at around 18-20psi but would 100% bow the turbo. :? :shock:
RS-Tuning said:
denty225 said:
Lookin good Paul. Can the remap be used to remove the boost limit so it can be fully controlled by the AVCR?

The way Andy "tested" his was to remove the vacuum pipe from the wastegate thus NO pressure release anywhere on the system.

To sum it up that is very bad and likely to ruin your turbo/pistons/rods etc..... :shock:

i strongly agree not to do this aswell, this was just to see if it can be done without map and boost controoler aid and it cant, this was a test i done with paul over the phone and do not recomend doing it.

basicly i run the car with no pipe on the actuator, so it just boosted its balls off.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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