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Bored at work

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I am f***ing bored i have a week left at my current job so am doing nothing but surf the interweb who is on line now and i wonder how long before i get an answer time now is3.04 on the 19/1/06 only upside is my new 225 is being deliverd tomorrow bring it on
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Hello Rich!!
hi adam, when my car arrives i will talk to you about yout interior light kit and poss the xenon kit
speak to ya soon
No problems matey anytime.

If your bored at work see whats of any value, and flog it on a 5 minute auction on ebay. :lol:
the interior lighting ones?

About 3 from here i think

4 from megowners and 12 from somewhere else
Not bad, Do you sell the ones fro the boot? Im after about 3 as i want some for the number plate lights as well.
Is the boot a 501 bulb too?
it looks awesome with the white in the rear plate.
Pretty sure it is, and the one in the glove box.
I'll check when I get home from work, If you can call this work. :lol:
If you measure it for me i'll let you know dave.

lol and no funny comments about my statement! :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
my thread has been hijacked lol
dav my ali got me the boot ones that light up the no plate for x-mas and the interia ones to. give me 5 mins and ill pop up some pics in the mod forum, they look the nuts. well bright.

sorry adam do you mind :? she bought them without me knowing cos i was looking at them on ebay just b4 x-mas wen i was talking to you about them
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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