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Hello all.

I've had my 2005 Megane Sport 225 for 12 years.
Great car. Has been rather reliable but lost cruise control a couple of months ago.
Didn't worry about it as I still had the speed limiter.

However tonight there was a snap when I pressed down the clutch.
Looking at the pedal assembly I noticed that the spring has broken. Explains why cruise doesn't work as the tab doesn't press in that switch. And why the pedal feels a bit funny.

But the weird thing is when I pull the pedal up, the spring is stretched not compressed? Would that mean that the spring works on compression rather than expansion?

How hard is it to source a replacement assembly ( ie the spring and the plastic bits at both end) and what is involved in swapping the spring out? I've noticed there appears to be a pin holding both parts of the spring assembly to the pedal assembly.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I've read that an assembly from a traffic may work, but find the way the spring works to be the reverse of what I expected.

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