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Bulbs (H7)

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I have accedently ordered and received a pair of Osram "cool blue" H7 bulbs when i should have ordered a different pair.

Anyone want them for £10 (FREE POSTAGE) <<<< YAY
Paypal accepted.

I paid £15 for them.

Lemme know
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but ill have them of you :D

one of mine blew tonight on the way home, perfect .
these are the cool blue bulbs.....not the silver star ones

Want me to send em down andy?
please mate,
give me half hour and will sort details out. ( dinner time ) :lol:
no probs......either that or as your headin gup north on sat you can drop in on the way up there or i can leave them outside the house
im up for that.....bidding starts at £100
i still got your postcode. Ill put them special delivery for the weekend.
In the post to you andy with a couple of other things.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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