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Changing my front brake pads today front left wheel took me 30 mins

Right front wheel a different story top pin that secures the pads to the caliper came out easy enough but the bottom pin will not come out, tried heat ,wd40 still wont come out :evil:
Pin is bending as i hit it with the nail punch as if it stuck at the other end.
Any ideas anyone ? will i have to cut the pin in half, but even then will i be able to still get the pin out with out having to drill the pin out of the caliper body.
Any help would be much appreciated



ps John you were right :roll:

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The arrows to the left and the right is where the pins get ceased in the caliper body as the diameter of the pin is larger at this end.

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Sorted now :evil: fookin pin

For those attempting to do this you will need on standby :-
Heat source
Mole grips
oh and lots of patience :lol:

Or you may be lucky like i was with the front left wheel and get them out first time only takes about 1 hour to change the pads on both wheels.
But could take ages if you hit problems with you caliper pins. Don't worry about snapping the pins they are really tough i threw everything at them apart from a bomb and they still didn't break. If they bend just straighten them with a hammer on a flat surface of vice.
And btw no real need to take of the calipers from the disc.
Make sure use copper grease when you put the pins back in surprised fookin Renault didn't think of that :x

going for a drive now to see if my car stops :wink:



PS thanks for the phone call Jon very helpful
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