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check injection , limp mode (holding revs at 2k rpm)

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check injection , limp mode (holding revs at 2k rpm) Throttle body ****ed

please can any1 in birmingham help that has renault code reader please , as title says driving last night gave it the beams and message come up saying check injection car started holding revs at 2k rpm
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Hey guys. I've had a similar error code and limp mode happening on my R26 here in SOuth Africa. Renault have replaced my Throttle body but car still keeps going into limp mode once completely warm and under load and gives same throttle resistive track 1 or something. They now want to replace my ECU!! :confused:
Does this sound normal? They have had the car for 4 weeks now!
What should i tell them to look at? Wiring and the coils? But a problem with the coils wouldn't give a throttle error would it?
Eventually found the problem with mine. Wires under the battery tray were rubbing on the body of the car causing a short. Wires repaired and car running perfect! 7 weeks later!
1 - 3 of 23 Posts