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check injection , limp mode (holding revs at 2k rpm)

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check injection , limp mode (holding revs at 2k rpm) Throttle body ****ed

please can any1 in birmingham help that has renault code reader please , as title says driving last night gave it the beams and message come up saying check injection car started holding revs at 2k rpm
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Nah thats the throttle body readback normally i'd say disconnect it for a while it tends to fix it but if you've been messing theres a decent possibility you've shagged it up.

Does the throttle operate at all? Its i'm limp mode i'm guessing yes? (won't rev over 3k)

Where abouts in Brum are you?
I'll take a look if you can bring it to me, not far away. I've got clip and know how to use it.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts