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check injection , limp mode (holding revs at 2k rpm)

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check injection , limp mode (holding revs at 2k rpm) Throttle body ****ed

please can any1 in birmingham help that has renault code reader please , as title says driving last night gave it the beams and message come up saying check injection car started holding revs at 2k rpm
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turns out it wasnt injectors vacuum pipe off the top of the throttle body is broke causing air leak put car in limp mode.
Happened to me mate, my advice dont get a new one as the same will just happen down to the sh!t design and the plastic getting brittle, just hold it in place and use lots of cable ties, works a treat
thats whats k tec racing said to me , they said it happens to almost all of them
I replace it twice then lost interest lol, they are quite expensive for what they are between 40-50 iirc
When you put the new one in, still add the able ties, the less it can move the better.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts