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Choice of Non standard exhaust systems

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I am pondering about getting an exaust for my 225. I don't want it to be too loud though....... Just abit of a deeper exhaust note than standard.

I know about K-tec's, BB Pertformance's & Blueflame's.

1. Is there any more choice????


2. If you have one....... What's the noise like? and, Does it make alot of difference to the cars performance?
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i'd go for the blueflame one, i'm 50:50 on buying one at the minute
but want to get it lowered 1st
(this weekend yippee!)
will do, gonna do a guide aswell,

you can hire the spring compressors 50p an hour! :lol: :lol:
Eibachs from K-tec should be 30mm drop
had a couple of people report no problems with wear
so gonna do it this weekend

says 30mm here whats the eibach link you got?
cheers mate i will question that with k-tec
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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