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Choice of Non standard exhaust systems

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I am pondering about getting an exaust for my 225. I don't want it to be too loud though....... Just abit of a deeper exhaust note than standard.

I know about K-tec's, BB Pertformance's & Blueflame's.

1. Is there any more choice????


2. If you have one....... What's the noise like? and, Does it make alot of difference to the cars performance?
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you could always see about having your own one made by powerflow or any other good zost company,

had mine made by powerflow from the centre box back and cost me £160 all in, not bad if you ask me, but i have had all my motors done by these in th epast.

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no bother at all, in fact this is the second 225 they have done as the last 225 i had was also done there by them,

the guy there is verey good at wat he does, he made all the bends , Y piece for the tail pipes the lot all on the day of having it done, b4 i just had the back box cut out and replaced with a straight bit of pipe so i kept the standard tail pipes, that sounded good and was a cheap and effective solution to getting the zorst done.

the new 225 i got i wanted new tail pipes on so he made all new pipe work from the centre box all the way to the new tial pipes and if im 100%honest i think it looks the tits and sound out of this world.

got some pics of wat i looks like underneath if you want a gander at them
if your quick and say you went to the motor show at the nec they will give you a further 10% of again, so in total you will get 25% off.

it works out to just under £300 delivered to your door, but you best be quick
Re: Exhaust

EDZ 2999 said:
Thanx for the info Guys....... I'll have to save some pennies now. :oops:
let me know if you want any pics to print off and take with you to say , yes it can be done
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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