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Chris's Banana Bus Progress Thread

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Picked her up Saturday morning and spent the afternoon driving it like it was supposed to be driven.

It is sublime!

More refined than the Clio, quieter inside, well made.

OK so maybe it is a little less chuckable than the clio was, not as raw etc. etc. but it's a lot more stable at speed and the LSD works wonders!
Recaro's FANTASTIC! really nice place to be inside overall to be honest.
Brembo's will rip your face off if you stamp on them lol.

'Mods' so far....

-New wipers
-£40 of petrol
-LED number plate bulbs

Plans to come:
-Health check from BTM
-Engine oil change with minor service (filters etc)
-Exhaust mount
-Gear box oil change
-Brake Fluid change

Future plans:
-Megane 250 steering wheel if thats possible
-Exhaust from BTM ;)
-Braided lines
-DS 2500 Pads
-Wheels refurbed
-Two new hankook V12's
-TPI polorized wheel nuts
-HID's maybe, I do miss how bright the clio's lights where in comparrison.
-Maybe some lowering springs
-Remap Stage 1

Coments on plans?

Anyway You all know what one looks like but here you go anyway after a quick buff up:

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How many layers of paint did you need to use to get it looking right?

Did you remove the inlet manifold to paint it aswell?
Just took one good coat, I didnt want it slap it on too thick at the risk of having puddles of paint, everything was pretty much left on bar the boost piping.

Cheers for the comments guys.
Ya get it to work? Done my passenger side twice and drivers once now. All working fine for now
MOT today, failed first time round on the following :(

-Headlight aim too low
-Drivers vision obstruction

So after I wheeled up the headlights and removed my air freshener it passed.

The following where advisories:
-Indicator lamp slightly discolored
-Mark in offside rear tyre wall
-Rear bake pads 50% worn

All rather strange advisories/reasons to fail if you ask me but it's done for another year...
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They seriously failed it because of an air freshener? Lol
Seriously, did I mention it was a Renault main dealer? ;)
Hi mate did you decide to try test fitting a 250 steering wheel yet, a it's on my wish list but need to know if the wheel fits, and if the airbag and cruise control switches are plug and play :)
Just had two new arrivals... well I lie three....

Chip master kit:

OEM rear pads - BARGAIN at £29

And got this to fit after giving it some corrosion protection.

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Intercooler and remap coming soon ;)
Gave the car a coat of wax and a quick blast out today.

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SO havent updated this in a while.

Intercooler/map saw 261.5bhp with 280ftlb

Bedford Autodrome on the 11/7/14 for the renault sport evening, really enjoyed myself for my first track day, wasn't out on track as much as I would of liked but got messed about waiting for tuition/drive in the new 275 trophy.
Nevermind got a good 4 20 min sessions in!

With me and a nice .r good comparison!

And my mates Trophy
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Picked my car up and a quick polish later am happy with it for a bit. Think the grubby decals will have to come off though. ��
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where you get the tow hook?
The boot? If your missing yours I have a spare I could sell you.
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