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Chris's Banana Bus Progress Thread

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Picked her up Saturday morning and spent the afternoon driving it like it was supposed to be driven.

It is sublime!

More refined than the Clio, quieter inside, well made.

OK so maybe it is a little less chuckable than the clio was, not as raw etc. etc. but it's a lot more stable at speed and the LSD works wonders!
Recaro's FANTASTIC! really nice place to be inside overall to be honest.
Brembo's will rip your face off if you stamp on them lol.

'Mods' so far....

-New wipers
-£40 of petrol
-LED number plate bulbs

Plans to come:
-Health check from BTM
-Engine oil change with minor service (filters etc)
-Exhaust mount
-Gear box oil change
-Brake Fluid change

Future plans:
-Megane 250 steering wheel if thats possible
-Exhaust from BTM ;)
-Braided lines
-DS 2500 Pads
-Wheels refurbed
-Two new hankook V12's
-TPI polorized wheel nuts
-HID's maybe, I do miss how bright the clio's lights where in comparrison.
-Maybe some lowering springs
-Remap Stage 1

Coments on plans?

Anyway You all know what one looks like but here you go anyway after a quick buff up:

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So Minor update today....
After waiting forever it sems I've finally gone for an exhaust!
Milltek cat back for now and decat further down the line.

Opted for the Milltek as A) Didnt really want to give Ktec my money B) Couldn't afford the RSTuning offering.

Still I'm happy, immediatly started work on polishing the bits you can see through the bumper OCD 'n' that.

Will fit it tomorrow along with a few interior bits that I've been menaing to put back in for a while.
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Nice mate, had the Milltek 3"system on my old R26 years ago, best looking tail pipe design.

Have a 3" system on the 250 now that sounds well without being overly loud.

How much did you pay for the lot with the decat? wouldn't mind one for the missus R26 to get rid of the dribble and pitted tail pipes. Best price I have seen seems to be ebay.
Paid £414 from demon tweaks. Speak to nick and mention cliosport forum discount.
Thanks mate, is that for the 3" or is it a 2.75" difficult to tell from the pictures, the 2.75" was always a touch louder
It's 2.75 inch. Really isn't loud at all though. Just about perfect imo.
I went out in one with the 2.75 before I opted for the 3" Either way both sound great!
Fixed my sagging bulkhead carpet thing! FINALLY!
Also fitted cleaned injectors :)
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How did you fix it as mine sags as well!?
same as above need to find a solution as its REALLY annoying looks scruffy
beautiful mate. hope to see you around one day!
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